Saturdays at LB Healthcare, Whiteley

0830-0930 Beginners

0930-1030 Intermediates

£48 for a six week term.

Please contact Denise to get the next date and booking information.

Suitable for complete beginners and those with experience.

The Pilates mat based exercise system ensures students are familiar with the meaning and practical application of neutral alignment of the pelvis and all related joints, utilising props and modifications where necessary. Attention to specified breath and checking the correct core muscles are activated, whilst integrating the physical practise of the eight Joseph Pilates principles.

Each exercise is physically demonstrated with short rest periods or mobility exercises enabling the core muscles to regenerate. The class ends with a short relaxation, closing with correct alignment and relaxed breath.

This class also offers and opportunity for more experienced students looking to increase their physical practise through a layered teaching instruction to the full exercise as specified by Joseph Pilates.